On 15/12/2021

After several months of appraisal, IDELE, ROM SELECTION and CORAM are pleased to announce that the BCTI will implement its project "Green Routes for Albanian Livestock" from next March after a launch during the Paris International Agriculture Trade Show 2022.

This project is co-financed by the FASEP-Green Innovation Fund of the French Treasury (85% of the budget), the project leaders and its beneficiary, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Albania.

This action, which extends and revitalizes nearly 30 years of technical cooperation with Albania, will propose the implementation of a demonstrator of climate-smart technological innovations on farms and in pastoral areas. With the support of the companies VOLTALIA, IMV, SERAP, BOCCARD and the organisations CAPGENES, OSON, AURIVA and FGE, nearly 500 days of expertise will be deployed between March 2022 and June 2024. The technologies introduced will include an agrivoltaic micro-pilot, solar cooling of milk (in tanks and cans), microméthanisation, filtration of effluents by reeds-planted filters, as well as intelligent fencing and management systems for the grazing areas.

The project also has a positive synergy with the project of inclusion of transhumance in the UNESCO World Heritage List, for which CORAM is responsible for steering France. It will also aim at creating “environment and climate-aware” producer groups and will initiate a regional and international Forum for Pastoralism.

A team of 8 key experts, 8 specialists in the proposed technologies accompanied by the professional managers of the species introduced since 1992, will carry out the missions.

The progress of the project will be reported in a logbook on the BCTI website: https://www.bcti.online/pages/itineraires-verts-pour-l-elevage-albanais-1.html