International meeting "Milk, vector of development" - 4th edition

On 29/07/2022


From 6 to 8 March 2023 in Tunisia.

Based on the observation that milk is a powerful lever for development, especially in southern countries, the international meetings "Milk, Vector of Development" were created in 2014 in Rennes (France) at the joint initiative of INRAE (UMR STLO) and CIRAD (UMR SELMET) and with the support of Agreenium.

These biennial meetings address all aspects of dairy development, and give the floor to scientific experts, international bodies as well as field actors and policy makers in the North and South. This mix of points of view and experiences is the essence and richness of these Meetings.

The main ambition is to achieve a better coordination of actions around milk and dairy products, with the aim of creating local dynamics for a sustainable development of the dairy sector as well as a reactive and supportive international network.

The conception of the themes addressed is inspired by the evolution of the local dairy industry in an international context. The idea is to stimulate and federate the actors of the dairy sector locally, to shed light on local experiences while placing them in an international context, to show other situations in other countries, to reflect, be inspired and share the best ideas. More concretely, these meetings promote the exchange of experiences on the diversity of dairy development models observed around the world, and link several initiatives and research and development networks.

After Rennes, Rabat and Dakar (see, the fourth edition will take place in Tunisia. Based on an international scientific committee, the organization of this edition is provided locally by INRAT and OEP with the support of INRAE, CIRAD and the Institute of Livestock. This edition will address among other topics: the specificity of the Tunisian and Maghrebian dairy sectors; environmental issues and carbon neutrality; the impact of the current international context and turbulence (war-pandemic).

Scientific program

The scientific program will address several topics including:

  • Specificities of local and regional dairy sectors
  • Sustainability and resilience of the dairy sector
  • Evolution and future of the dairy sectors in the context of global turbulence

French is the official language of these meetings. A French-English and English-French translation will be available.  In parallel to the scientific conference, a workshop will be organized to promote exchanges between experts and field actors