On 20/04/2022

After the Paris quick-off, Albania received in Tirana (from March 22 to 25) a delegation of representatives from IDELE, ROM SELECTION and CORAM as well as the other companies of the "historical" cooperation with Albania: OSON and CAPGENES. The purpose of this visit was the venue of the inception workshop, which presented and discussed to project to local stakeholders. In addition to this presentation, the workshop provided an opportunity to discuss various logistical and organizational aspects for future missions. The institutional event took place in the presence of H.E. the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mrs. Frida KRIFCA and H.E. Mrs. Elizabeth BARSACQ, Ambassador of France to Albania.

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Since this event, the first technical mission has been deployed (April 2 to 10) with the objectives of (1) to draw up an inventory of practices and carrying out a typological study of the farms (cattle, sheep, goats) within the scope of the project in Korçë (this typology should make it possible to better formulate messages for the penetration of innovations and related good practices) and (2) to proceed with a preselection of small farms intended to be qualified as reference farms (pilots): innovation primary replicators, reference for the carbon footprint and information relays for the farmers in their area.



The next missions to be implemented by the end of June are being prepared: awareness-raising of advisory technicians on good practices (in the prism of the installation of energy transition equipment), demonstration and use of video-assisted equipment for animal insemination, study of the pastoral and socio-economic situation in the Gjirokastër region, installation of solar milk cooling at the Korçë breeding station.