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Farmer training in Sri Lanka: a great success

On 29/11/2023

Now that the P-FARMS (or educational farms) have been completed, training and advice activities for farmers based on these new tools have got off to a flying start. After coaching sessions with IDELE experts, the extension workers set off on their own, with enhanced skills in both technical aspects and advisory methods. The programs are closely followed, and the farm models keep their promise: to be replicable. The size of the P-FARMS is everyone's and everyone can project themselves, especially as the investment has been kept to a minimum. A fine example of capacity-building and knowledge transfer, praised by all, and whose impact on production is already visible. The success of IDELE's intervention has led to a request from the AFD for a new project, due to start in early 2024. This "ECODAIRY" project, which aims to boost forage autonomy on small farms and structure the dairy industry, will build on existing P-FARMS and create three new ones.

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