IVEA on Albanian TV

On 17/07/2023

BOCCARD and IDELE in Sri Lanka

On 28/06/2023

Video produced by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Agriculture describing the BOCCARD group's project (creation of 6 mini-dairies), which includes technical assistance in livestock breeding from IDELE.




Agrivoltaic pilot is set up at the Korçë Livestock Station

On 13/06/2023

Designed to demonstrate and test experimental protocols, the 30 kW of this mini-pilot more than covers the station's energy needs.

EASYCARBON released after successful beta-testing

On 14/03/2023

For the time being, the application (simplified tool for calculating GHG emissions in dairy farming developed by the BCTI and IDELE climate experts) will be used only in IVEA project. 

Mid-term meeting of IVEA

On 09/03/2023

Thi. 2023 s edition of SIA was marked by venue of  the mid-term meeting of the IVEA project (Green Routes for Albanian Livestock), co-funded by the General Directorate of the Treasury, CNPA, IDELE, ROM Sélection and CORAM and implemented by IDELE/BCTI. The event gathered the institutional partners (Ministries of Finance and Agriculture), the project leaders led by IDELE/BCTI as well as the members of the business club supporting the project: ALIPLUS, FGE, AURIVA, OSON, CAPGENES, IMV, SYNETICS, VOLTALIA, SERAP, BOCCARD and ENERPRO. The objective of the meeting was to present the progress of the project to date. The exemplary nature of the project in terms of the richness of the partnership and the level of commitment of the partners (in-kind contributions from the companies) was praised by the General Directorate of the Treasury and the DGPE of the Ministry of Agriculture.

SIgnature of MOU between IDELE/BCTI and the Ministry of Agriculture of Sri Lanka

On 18/02/2023

The Memorandum of Understanding signed on Friday February 17 in Colombo between IDELE/BCTI and the Sri Lankan Ministry of Agriculture confirms the mutual satisfaction of the parties regarding the implementation and results already observed of the ongoing project aimed at strengthening the dairy farming advisory system. This signature also augurs a new project to be entrusted to IDELE from the beginning of 2024 and which would support, among others, the implementation of new feeding strategies for dairy cattle


Small farms: Interview of Philippe AME by AGRO TV (Turkey)

On 02/11/2022

Interview of Philippe AME at the Sommet de l'Elevage by Burcu Cetinkay,a journalist of AGRO TV (Turkey) but also car rally champion, snowboarder... and breeder! On the theme of small and medium-sized farms in third countries: