The BCTI offers a complete range of expertise and know-how, covering all the needs for the development, production and processing of milk and meat products, in support of all sectors of ruminant breeding.

Technical assistance

  • Assistance to project management and project management of national programs, technical assistance to projects, on a one-off or long-term basis.
  • Engineering of development projects: identification and formulation, management, monitoring and evaluation
  • Adaptive transfer of technologies, methods and know-how
  • Assistance in the deployment of breeding advice
  • Support for the design and implementation of information systems
  • Support and advice for animal husbandry
  • Support for the implementation of information systems in animal husbandry
  • Support for the adjustment and implementation of financial instruments for breeders


  • Sector/industry/market studies    
  • Pre-feasibility studies (including site surveys)    
  • Feasibility, pre-investment and investment studies    
  • Farm design    
  • Studies of the food base, fodder and pastoral audits    
  • Study of genetic improvement plan    
  • Business plan formulation    
  • Operation/process audits    
  • Social and environmental analyses    
  • Impact studies    
  • Thematic studies by country
  • Benchmarking

Expertise and audits 

  • Technical and organizational expertise
  • Social and environmental audit
  • Operational/process audits

Training, transfer (to technicians, engineers, veterinarians, decision-makers)

  • Customized or catalog training - In France and abroad
  • Help in writing trade repositories and curricula
  • Study Tours
  • Writing specialized technical publications

This offer is customized according to the needs, objectives and specificities of our customers, public authorities, breeders' organizations and food-processing companies in different countries.



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