Our competencies


Support to States for the elaboration of public policies in the field of livestock production

Based on the experience of the Institut de l'Élevage in providing support to the French public authorities for more than 40 years, BCTI has built up recognized expertise in:

Supporting the development of public policies for livestock farming and the organization of the sector

  • Master Development Plan, Livestock Act
  • Strategic analysis and sector structuring
  • Institutional and organizational strengthening

Setting up and supervising national programs, and related information systems (animal identification and traceability, genetic improvement, technical and economic reference networks etc.): global engineering, specifications, technical procedures and regulations, integration of new information and communication technologies, databases and software, etc.


Support to livestock farmers and their organisations for technical innovation and progress in livestock production

The technical and economic organisations of  French livestock farmers have acquired significant know-how matching field realities and actual needs of  worldwide producers, in a variety of situations

Genetic improvement

  • Breeding and performance monitoring programmes, breeding evaluation stations, animal insemination centers, reproductive biotechnology, biodiversity and conservation of genetic resources

Breeding techniques and farm management

  • Technical road maps, feed and fodder systems, reproduction, animal health, milking and milk quality, housing, animal welfare, optimization of production costs
  • Climate smart farming methods and tools, environmental integration

Engineering of technology transfer and extension

  • Standard and à la carte training
  • Methods of diagnosis, advice and implementations
  • Technical and management support tools and software for livestock farmers
  • Development of technical and economic references

Enter 2

Support to farming entreprises and firms

The business exposure of BCTI endows our organization to have an objective and neutral approach of the opportunity and feasibility of investments 


  • Partnership engineering (incl. PPP), technical and economic modelling of production processes, financial analysis, business planning

Product quality and technology

  • Valorization of livestock products, quality procedures, specifications and labelling/cerification, qualification, control and quality assurance procedures, processing techniques, control of sanitary risks, etc...