IVEA: The first tomme was produced in the Cajupi mountain pasture

On 29/11/2023

Our friend Pelumb Koko, with the help of Joseph, our shepherd trainer, was able to produce his first tomme. A very different production from the fetas usually produced in mountain pastures. Tasting scheduled in a few weeks' time!

Img 20231016 wa0009Tomme

Farmer training in Sri Lanka: a great success

On 29/11/2023

Now that the P-FARMS (or educational farms) have been completed, training and advice activities for farmers based on these new tools have got off to a flying start. After coaching sessions with IDELE experts, the extension workers set off on their own, with enhanced skills in both technical aspects and advisory methods. The programs are closely followed, and the farm models keep their promise: to be replicable. The size of the P-FARMS is everyone's and everyone can project themselves, especially as the investment has been kept to a minimum. A fine example of capacity-building and knowledge transfer, praised by all, and whose impact on production is already visible. The success of IDELE's intervention has led to a request from the AFD for a new project, due to start in early 2024. This "ECODAIRY" project, which aims to boost forage autonomy on small farms and structure the dairy industry, will build on existing P-FARMS and create three new ones.

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The Sommet de l'Elevage 2023 social diary

On 17/10/2023

In addition to the business and partnership meetings that make the Sommet de l'Elevage a key event for international cooperation in the livestock sector, two special moments gave this year's event, from our perspective, a very special flavour:

Mr. Joël MERCERON, Managing Director of the Institut de l'Elevage, was awarded the insignia of Knight of the Agriculture Merit Order by Jacques CHAZALET, President of the Sommet de l'Elevage, in recognition of his efforts to promote the development of French livestock farming over the past several decades.

Img 20231006 wa00011442335460 chevalier du ma rite agricole recto

Mrs. Stéphanie DAYDE-FONDA, breeder, shepherdess, ecologist, behaviorist and dog trainer, was honored with the rank of Knight in the National Merit Order. The insignia was presented to her by Philippe AME, Director of the BCTI, in recognition of distinguished merit in her mission of transmission.


Congratulations once again to the recipients!!

IVEA on Albanian TV

On 17/07/2023

BOCCARD and IDELE in Sri Lanka

On 28/06/2023

Video produced by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Agriculture describing the BOCCARD group's project (creation of 6 mini-dairies), which includes technical assistance in livestock breeding from IDELE.




Agrivoltaic pilot is set up at the Korçë Livestock Station

On 13/06/2023

Designed to demonstrate and test experimental protocols, the 30 kW of this mini-pilot more than covers the station's energy needs.

EASYCARBON released after successful beta-testing

On 14/03/2023

For the time being, the application (simplified tool for calculating GHG emissions in dairy farming developed by the BCTI and IDELE climate experts) will be used only in IVEA project.