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FEEDIPEDIA: when use of non conventionnal is at stake

On 15/09/2022

The BCTI teams, always in search of a reasoned exploitation of the animal feed in the sometimes difficult regions or with a largely non-conventional feed base, find information for the computation of rations in a free access tool : FEEDIPEDIA


The acute shortage of feedstuffs in Asian, Middle East and African countries has prompted Animal Nutritionists to explore new non-conventional feed resources that do not compete with human food. The most promising among these, available in plenty, are fruit and vegetable wastes (FVWs). Currently most FVWs are dumped in wastelands causing environmental pollution. Citrus fruit (Mausambi/sweet lime or kinnow) waste, available in bulk, is rich in nutrients and bio-active compounds. Studies revealed that kinnow waste, after sun drying or ensiling with poor quality crop residues, can be effectively utilized as animal feed, to enhance animal production, mitigate environmental pollution and decrease feeding cost.